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Expert strategic marketing consultancy for start-ups and small/medium B2B tech companies with services ranging from market research and analysis, brand strategy, and positioning to selling.

Excellent marketing meets selling

Digital B2B marketing

In today’s connected world, our tailored B2B strategies cut through the static, connecting your solutions to the heart of customer needs—turning the potential of start-ups and small/medium B2B tech businesses into measurable performance. We don't just amplify your digital presence; we engineer a journey from market awareness to conversion, crafting opportunities into revenue. Let's elevate your tech narrative, where excellence in marketing means excellence in your sales—reach out and transform your potential into results.

Digital B2B marketing services

We harness the virtual landscape to amplify your brand, turn leads into loyalty, and ensure customer delight through every digital interaction. Our integrated B2B digital marketing services span from inception to advocacy, all within the digital realm. Strategically selecting channels, we connect your brand with the right audiences, entirely online.


Marketing consulting:
Strategic Outcomes

Enhance your brand with strategic insights that translate into actionable market positioning and a clear competitive advantage. Our consultancy uses in-depth market analysis and customer insights to drive your brand strategy forward.


Content marketing:
Messages That Resonate

In a world where markets are becoming ever more global and niches ever narrower, differentiation is key. Our content strategy activates your customers at every touchpoint along the customer journey and creates unique experiences that set you apart from the rest.


Growth Marketing:
Increase sales

Do you have limited resources but need rapid growth? Our growth marketing approach puts your product or service at the center of your growth strategy and efficiently uses what you have to accelerate your success.


Social / SEO / SEA:
Maximize visibility

Through targeted B2B SEO, we improve your website's visibility in search engine rankings and focus on reaching the first page with strategic keyword optimization. We continuously monitor and analyze your marketing activities and use data-based insights to refine strategies and ensure that your B2B marketing efforts achieve the desired results


Data-driven marketing:
Uncovering potential

The use of data is the cornerstone of future-oriented marketing. By collecting, analyzing and using data, we enable you to identify customers, improve campaigns and increase sales by turning insights into actionable strategies for success.


Interim management:
Expert On Demand

Managing change while running the day-to-day business can be a challenge, but with my background in leadership and entrepreneurship, I offer immediate, practical support to help you achieve your goals without jeopardizing your core business. My expertise ensures a seamless blend of transformation and operational continuity.

Integrated digital B2B marketing

At Exsellent, digital isn't just a part of marketing; it's the ecosystem that connects your entire business. With a strong focus on start-ups and small to mid-sized B2B tech companies, we develop integrated B2B digital marketing strategies that align your channels for peak performance and deliver seamless experiences from brand awareness to conversion. Let's cross the digital divide together and turn connections into business success.

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